TWiP 438 – Overexposing Instagram

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TWiP 438 – Overexposing Instagram

Instagram has been rapidly rising to, in some cases, replace it’s big brother Facebook as the de­facto social media platform for many people. And with that popularity comes, as we are learning, a ton of pressure to get more likes, and views. Obviously it’s pretty young models that garner the majority of attention on the platform, but one young 18­ year old model is speaking out and saying don’t believe the hype!

Also, photographic and electronics retailer B&H is under fire amidst a discrimination lawsuit from the majority of its workers. In this episode we “armchair quarterback” the situation, and discuss how we think B&H should handle it.

And lastly, National Geographic, founded in 1888 ­ is downsizing as part of being acquired by 21st Century Fox. This turning point in the industry brings mixed reactions from the TWiP crew including a discussion about layoffs and the overall rapid evolution of the photo industry.

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