TWiP 477 – Embrace & Extend

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TWiP 477: Embrace & Extend

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So by that measure, Instagram is throwing flattery all over SnapChat these days. Instagram, a leader in social photo sharing, has pretty much copied SnapChats “stories” feature. But does it matter? Facebook has unsuccessfully attempted to acquire SnapChat several times, is this new “save­as style” product development tactic the Internet giants way of “acquiring” SnapChat without spending a dime?

Also, a photographer is suing stock image giant Getty Images for ONE BILLION DOLLARS. After receiving a threatening copyright infringement accusation from the company about one of her OWN photos.

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  1. Frederick, one suggestion regarding the sort of recurring theme I’m hearing where you’re trying to figure out how Snapchat/Instagram Stories fit into your life, you might want to look into following or picking the brain of Jared Polin from Fro Knows Photo. Kind of the competition, I know, but I feel like he provides a cool insight into how content creators can use these features to connect better with their audiences. Obviously you may not want to copy exactly what he’s doing, but I think he has a good approach. (jaredpolin on Instagram and froknowsphoto on Snapchat)

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