TWiP Weddings 048: Finding Inspiration and Shooting Mirrorless

Getting and staying inspired is something that many creatives struggle with at certain times during their career. Whether it’s at the beginning of wedding season when we’re all a little bit out of practice, or when we’re halfway through wedding season and feeling a little burned out - getting and staying inspired is something most photographers have to deal with.

TWiP Weddings 047: The Law of Attraction

A big part of attracting the ideal types of clients comes down to what we show online. On today’s episode, we’re going to share our processes for choosing which images go into our portfolios and how we decide what types of images we share on social media and on blog posts to ensure that we are attracting the types of clients who we want to work with.

TWiP Weddings 045: Tips for Better Posing

On this episode we’re going to talk about posing and share our advice for posing the bride and groom, the families, and the bridal party. Plus we’ll share some tips for how to do it in a way that will make people feel comfortable and not dread the word pose.

TWiP Weddings 044: Wedding Videography with Rob Adams

This week we are joined by Rob Adams from Rob Adams films. Rob is here today to talk with us about the world of wedding videography and share some tips and advice on how wedding photographers and videographers can work together on the wedding day.

TWiP Weddings 043: Gifyyy Booth

This week we chat with Ben Chernivsky, a wedding photographer from Chicago who developed Gifyyy Booth - a portable photo booth that is easy to setup, lightweight, ultra-portable, compact, and self sufficient.

TWiP Weddings 041: The Client Experience

This week we’re going to talk about the client experience. From the moment a potential client inquiries about your services, through to the final delivery of their images and beyond, what are the key ingredients that create an exceptional client experience?

TWiP Weddings 040: Succession Planning

On this week’s episode we’re going to talk about succession planning and things wedding photographers should be doing to safeguard their businesses in the event something happens to them and they are unable to run it.

TWiP Weddings 039: Canada Photo Convention

This week we are joined by by Jasser Abu-Giemi - the creator of the Canada Photo Convention. Jasser joins us to tell us about some of the struggles he faced as a wedding photographer and how he's using that knowledge to help other photographers grow their businesses.

TWiP Weddings 037: The Second Shooter Society

This week Kelly Ewell joins us to talk about the resource she is developing for photographers called The Second Shooter Society - a resource for growing wedding photographers to find support, education, and opportunities as interns, assistants, associates, and second shooters.

TWiP Weddings 033: Bridal Shows

Bridal shows continue to be a popular event where brides (and a few reluctant grooms), go to see the latest wedding trends, view the latest wedding fashions, get free swag and shop for their wedding vendors. On this week’s show we’re going share our experiences with bridal shows and provide our thoughts on how to benefit from participating in them.

TWiP Weddings 032: The Wedding School with Susan Stripling

This week Susan Stripling joins us to talk about her latest resource for photographers - The Wedding School - the benchmark education resource for wedding photographers that dramatically raises the standard of what it truly means to be a “professional wedding photographer.

TWiP Weddings 031: Making the Leap to Full-time

Many photographers today start their careers by working at another full or part-time job while pursuing their photography career. On this episode we're going to talk about making the jump from part-time to full-time and provide you with some food for thought if you're thinking about making the jump.