TWiP Weddings 043: Gifyyy Booth

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TWiP Weddings 043: Gifyyy Booth

This week we are joined by Ben Chernivsky, a wedding photographer from Chicago who developed Gifyyy Booth. Gifyyy Booth is a portable photo booth that is easy to setup, lightweight, ultra-portable, compact, and self sufficient. The Gifyyy Booth offers wedding photographers an exciting solution that they can offer to their clients to increase revenue and generate new business.

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  1. Cool idea but, given the rather high cost (not including iPad!), just don’t see the cost/benefit in my favor.

  2. Nice concept and the animated GIF is a nice touch, but at a $3,900 price point for this setup that you still need to provide the internet access iPad yourself — numbers just don’t add up.

    People can purchase or put together a photo specific related booth for under 1K at this point. The real feature is the App itself. I see selling a subscription to the App alone and charging a premium for it. Eventually that’s where I see this making a huge splash. I’d pay $300-400/yr subscription for something like this, maybe even $500/yr because it’s not the traditional photo booth app.

    In the end, it’s a very high premium item that only the deep pocket studios may purchase, that’s if they haven’t already purchased a Photo Booth thats going to look more polished, and provide a higher profit because the start up cost is 1/3 to half of the $3,900 giffyyy cost.