TWiP Weddings 041: The Client Experience

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TWiP Weddings 041: The Client Experience

This week we’re going to talk about the client experience. From the moment a potential client inquiries about your services, through to the final delivery of their images and beyond, what are the key ingredients that create an exceptional client experience?

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  1. Holy Cow this is an important topic. We’ve been debating writing thank you cards. We’ll start. As a horror story turned good I photographed a wedding at the cathedral downtown by myself and missed the first kiss! Got him going in for the kiss and pulling was but missed the actual kiss! I was terrified. So we finished editing the wedding in 3 days after shooting. We knew they were going on an short honeymoon. And, they lived in a different state so I asked if I could Skype with the bride. I sent her the link to her gallery. She loved the images. Then I led her to where the first kiss should have been. I apologized profusely. Did not give any excuses. Showed how contrite I was. Then we offered her a free Graphi Album or a wall gallery of canvases as a sorry gift. She said not to worry about it. We still did. So we asked what their favorite images was and sent them a free 24×36 canvas print. To our surprise she came in a few months later and bought the largest album we offer. Her mother came in and ordered another album for just shy of her daughter’s. Then the father of the bride told the mother to buy a 20×30 mounted print of the family formal picture to frame and hang in their family room! Our miserable mistake turned into the largest grossing job we’ve ever had. And! The mother wants to use us to photographer her other 6 daughters’ weddings! All from turning a mistake into a great customer experience, complete with complimentary drinks at the studio when they came in to design their albums. Great podcast! Thank you!

    1. Excellent example of delivering an exceptional client experience. Thanks for listening to the show and sharing your story with us Bryan!