TWiP Weddings 042: Workflow for Wedding Photographers with Jared Platt

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TWiP Weddings 042: Workflow for Wedding Photographers with Jared Platt

This week we are joined by Jared Platt. Jared is a photographer, writer, and instructor who has probably forgotten more about Lightroom than most people remember. Part of running a successful wedding business, is having an efficient workflow which means finding ways to increase efficiency and spend less time chained to your computer. Jared is here to provide some tips and advice on creating an efficient workflow that can cut your editing time in half resulting in happier clients, less time behind the computer, and most importantly – increased profitability.

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  1. Enjoyed the show and I too use a master LR catalog so it is set up once like you mentioned. However, recently every time I open LR I have to turn the Filter back on at the lower right – any ideas how to get it to stay on? Thank you in advance.

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