Conversations with the brightest pixels in photography.

Digital vs Print and Mimeo Photos!

In this interview, I sit down with Nigel Barker to discuss Mimeo Photos and the importance of print and digital.…

Making Images with Story and Light

In this interview, I sit down with wedding and portrait photographer Benjamin Edwards. Ben and I discuss story, light and…

Using Photography to Give Back!

In this interview I sit down with photographer Clay Cook to discuss his approach to commercial photography, philanthropy, traveling the…

Talking Olympus with Joe Edelman

Joe Edelman joins the show to discuss his work, Olympus gear and the "Geartographer" phenomenon.

Inside Picr – building the “Shopify” for freelance photographers

Picr co-founder Paul Mikhaylenko gives us an inside look at the software his company has produced.

Inside Advertising Photography

Fashion, Beauty and Advertising photographer Wayne Johns gives a candid and revealing look at the inner workings of the commercial…

Data Storage Tech for Photographers

A look at the future of data storage for photographers!

The Mothership of All Storms

Sean Heavey is suing Netflix for copyright infringement!

Photographing the Animal Kingdom

Advertising and commercial photographer Randal Ford discusses his new book "The Animal Kingdom".

How to Think like a Businesswoman

In this interview, Resource Magazine President and CEO Alexandra Nikki joins me to discuss her amazing journey of self-discovery and…

Time to Upgrade Your Camera and Go Pro?

Darlene Hildebrandt of joins to discuss the unavoidable "Gear Aquisition Syndrome".

Shooting the Night Sky with Tracy Lee

In this interview I sit down with Tracy Lee! We dive into astrophotography, travel, and how a little technology and…

TWiP Talks: Creative Lighting and Colored Gels with Jake Hicks

In this episode, commercial photographer (artist) Jake Hicks joins me to discuss creativity, shooting with color gels, and the power…

TWiP Talks: The Underwater Woman

In this interview Christine Ren, underwater photographer and Marine Biologist joins me to talk about having a lasting impact through…

Photographing Africa! with Martin Bailey

In this chat, globe-trotting photographer Martin Bailey discusses his adventures in Africa.

Igniting Your Rocket Photography

In this interview I sit down with rocket photographer Erik Kuna. We discuss the ins and outs of shooting rockets,…

Finding the Photographer’s Vision

In this interview TWiP regular Giulio Sciorio joins me to discuss his latest project — "Finding the Photographers Vision". "G"…

Coaching the Photographer

Silicon Valley based photographer Shiva Sharifi is addressing a much neglected segment of photography education with her workshops. Not only…

Influencing the Influencer

In this interview I have the pleasure of sitting down in Puerto Rico with commercial photographer Josh Rossi.

The Power of Personal Projects

Levi and I discuss the differences between personal projects and story telling with your photography, and more. Close to the…

Personal Growth with Photography

Gilmar Smith joins me to discuss her love for punishing pixels, how she managed her way through postpartum depression using…