Looping Content with Troy Plota – TWiP Talks 62

In this interview I sit down with the President of PlotaTech LLC, Troy Plota. Their first (and flagship) effort Plotagraph Pro is a revolutioary piece of software that enables creative professionals to add fluid movement to ordinary static images.

TWiP Talks 61: Bundle of Joy

Griffin Stewart and Cowin Heibert are part of the team behind the industry-leading package deal team called 5DayDeal. Listen in to hear how, why and when they do it. And what might be next for team 5DayDeal.

Brad Malcolm is Perfectly Clear – TWiP Talks 61

Brad Malcolm is President and co-founder of Athentech Imaging, makers of Perfectly Clear. In this interview we get into the how's and why's of batching software processing. And some hints of where this tech may lead in the near future.

TWiP Talks 59: Inside Macphun

In this episode, I sit down with Alex Tsepko - Managing Partner, and Kevin La Rue - Vice President. We discuss one of the company's newest programs, Aurora HDR 2017. Aurora was launched last year to rave reviews, and they've updated the software with new features and performance updates.

Pocketshooters on iPhone 7

Apple have recently announced the next update to the iPhone line of camera. The iPhone 7 is the latest and the greatest version of the iPhone to hit the world.

Drobo 5C Review

Drobo reintroduces and updates their original drive enclosure, the Drobo 5C. Cheap, reliable back up for photographers.

VIDEO PREVIEW: Serge Ramelli’s HDR Masterclass

Serge Ramelli’s course amazingly is included as part of this years 5 Day Deal Complete Photography Bundle. Here’s a sneak peek into his course to give you an idea of what kind of value you’ll be getting.