Your Itinerary 34: Don Komarechka Behind the Iron Curtain


Relics from behind the Iron Curtain.

Don KomarechkaI know the TWiP audience is familiar with Don Komarechka because of his frequent appearances on the mothership. Don is a photographer, educator and author who is known for shooting things that most of us never see. His book Sky Crystals: Unraveling the Mysteries of Snowflakes shows both his eye for beautiful images and his near super-human technical skill.
Don was telling me about his upcoming return trip to Bulgaria while we were both on TWiP, and I was blown away by his images of the crumbling Soviet buildings he showed me. Once again, Don had captured beautiful and unusual images of things you and I might never see otherwise.

Please watch the video podcast above so you can see the images. It truly looks like a movie set, and it makes me want to head for Eastern Europe!

Don Komarechka links:

Don's Website

Sky Crystals Book

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