WEBINAR: Getting Started in Fashion Photography

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Get the inside scoop on getting started in fashion photography. Have you ever wondered how to source good models? What to pay them? Or should they be paying YOU? And what about etiquette for working with models?

LA-based commercial fashion photographer Lucas Passmore leads this informative two-hour TWiP webinar in which he breaks down exactly how to get into fashion photography.

Along with this 1hr long presentation, there’s a second FULL hour of Q&A that contains valuable grass-roots insights.

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One Comment

  1. You advertised the FREE Fashion Webinar NEXT Wednesday on Episode 395 released on 1/16/15. NEXT Wednesday is 1/21/15 from 1/16/15. I took today off of work to be able to join the webinar at 3pm eastern time! Only to find out the actual date of the FREE webinar was on the 14th, TWO DAYS BEFORE the podcast was released! SO HOW DO I ACCESS IT FOR FREE ON THE PROMISED DATE?

    I see I can pay $15 for it, but it is 10 minutes before the FREE webinar was promised on the podcast from the 16th, I will NOT pay for something that is advertised as free!

    Yes I’m pissed and spamming you because I lost money to be able to participate!