TWiP – The Future is Mirrorless?

Giulio Sciorio joins Frederick Van Johnson and makes the case for micro four-thirds (MFT) mirrorless cameras.  For all of you who have been waiting (and clamoring) for a discussion outside of the standard Nikon and Canon camps, here's your show!

Topics include:

  • How to take the mirrorless plunge
  • Bringing enthusiasm and confidence to the shoot
  • Combating size perception:)
  • How to land the job
  • Plus a look at several stunning portraits

From “G” (as Giulio is affectionately called) and Frederick's chat:

“The last foothold of the dSLR is the mirror.”

“I love connecting with the person; that's one of the most magical parts of photography.”

“Every lens should ship with a hood…”

“If you are expecting to be discovered, ‘Come on!?'”

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