Fuji X-100s

[smart_track_player url=”http://media.blubrry.com/thisweekinphoto/p/content.blubrry.com/thisweekinphoto/AAtG-003-Fujifilm-X100s.mp3″ color=”6a1915″ title=”Fuji X100s” artist=”All About the Gear” ]In episode #3 of All About the Gear, Doug Kaye and Frederick dive into the famed Fuji x100s camera. Find out if this little beastie lives up to all the hype, and if it's actually the perfect walk-around camera.

This camera sports a fixed 23mm f/2.0 lens, an APS-C sized sensor, 16 megapixels, and cool retro styling. Could this be the next camera to grace your gear collection? Want to know more? Check out Doug's comprehensive written review over on his blog.

Here are a some images produced by the Fuji x100s, courtesy Doug Kaye.

Gear for this episode provided by Borrowlenses.com.

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  1. Great, thorough reviews. I’ve tried that Leica you reviewed last week and do own a X100S. You pretty much commented on the same things I’ve noticed and more. In your Fuji X100S, the things I would have also touch on would be the short battery life, and how good the in-camera JPEGs can be when you set the JPEG settings to taste.

    For future shows, how about comparing micro-4-3rd body and lens quality?

    I’ve kept reading about how wonderful m43 lens could be. I went and bought a Panasonic GF5 with 14-42 power zoom (because it is small, and seems to be able to run in a mode suitable for my non-photographer family who will be borrowing this camera), 20/1.7 (because it is small, cheap and fast), and a 45-200 (because it is cheap with decent range). Overall, I am not quite happy with the image quality I am getting with this setup — feels like consumer glass with associated lack of contrast and sharpness. Makes me wonder if I bought the more expensive lens or a better body like the OM-5, if things would improve enough that i can look at M43 as an alternative to taking my Canon DSLR setup for situations where I am not shooting something that moves a lot. Didn’t feel like pulling the trigger though. So I’d be looking for someone else to grab a few lens at different price points and see if you really get a lot better results with the more expensive gear.

  2. Is there an AAG feed that I can download? I’d love to listen to the reviews when I’m at work.

  3. Good review!
    one note for those hesitating: with current second hand prices your risk is pretty low. You will probably able to sell it for the purchase price (and I’ve even seen them higher, not long ago.)

  4. Nice review, one thing though, the optical viewfinder in the X100S is
    not a rangefinder proper. A rangefinder is a focusing mechanism, not a
    viewing device. People might misunderstand the focusing system in the
    Fuji to be the same as the one in the Leica M9 you tested in last
    episode – this is not the case. When contrasting the 2 viewing modes in
    the X100S I prefer to just say OVF vs EVF. If we really need to qualify a
    direct (non-TTL) viewfinder on a non-rangefinder camera, I suppose
    rangefinder-*style* is more appropriate.

  5. Same here. Can’t seem to find the AATG feed to listen offline. Or could it show in the normal TWIP feed? Thanks!

  6. Will AATG have it’s own ITunes feed? Would make finding it easier. Thanks for the great work.

  7. Good review – It is not a camera that I would want specifically but The comments about the improving your skills shooting with one single focal length lens are very useful. I gotta think about a prime of one sort or other on my Panasonic GX1 or GH3.

    It may cost too much for the show but how about a podcast on the various black and white converters on the market?

  8. Would really like to have you guys post your programs to iTunes so I can download them and listen to them while driving.

  9. Just thought I’d add in a little tip that was left out of the review here when speaking about the focus modes. One of the great features of this camera is that you can keep it in manual focus mode and still access auto focus by using the AF button on the back of the camera using your right thumb. So it is completely possible to pull focus with AF and then confirm with focus peaking!

  10. Could you please put the AATG shows into iTunes as a podcast. If like to listen to the shows on my iPhone as I don’t have the time to watch the video feed on YouTube.

  11. Doug I’m sorry you didn’t get to shoot at a higher iso. I think you understated the image quality shooting this camera in low light. It’s amazingly good at iso 6400.

  12. I went back to check and my dng files are not larger than the raf files from this camera. Did adobe come out with an update or was Doug mistaken when he mentioned that.

  13. When taking bracketed exposures in RAW mode you state that the camera cannot take another shot for 9 seconds. I would suggest that this time depends on the speed of your memory card. I just timed a RAW bracketed exposure and it took 5 seconds with my SanDisk Extreme 45MB/s card. In RAW+Fine it took 6 seconds and in Fine mode it took just 2 seconds.

    1. Thanks, Invicta. I was using a Class 10 card, but alas: not all Class 10 cards are alike. In any case even five seconds to write three RAW files to a card is way too long in my book. None of the cameras I own are that slow.

  14. Would love to see a review on the X-E1 or the X-Pro1. Or perhaps wait until next week for the X-E2?

    1. I tested the X-Pro1 a while back before we started this show. The X-E1 is scheduled for All About the Gear #9, to be published about November 21 unless something more exciting pops up first.

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