TWiP 383 – iMac 5K – Bigger, Better, Stronger, Faster.

In this episode of TWiP, Martin Bailey & Derrick Story join Frederick Van Johnson to talk about Apple's most recent hardware announcement including new iPads and a new iMac with a 5K display. Plus Adobe releases a utility to help Aperture users migrate their libraries over to Lightroom.

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  1. Comment on the Dell xps15. I have one of these, brilliant machines BUT PS6 does not scale well on the screen. Can’t comment on PS CC. LR works perfectly. I run one resolution setting down for CS6 to work properly. My advice is get the 512gb model.

    1. Hey –
      Original question asker here…

      My plan is to get the 1 TB model due to the size of my photo
      library and replace the 32 GB mSATA SSD drive with a 128 GB version. I’ll
      then use that as the boot drive. My dilemma is that for photo editing
      (not video… don’t do much of that), I’m not sure the QHD screen and i7 is
      worth the extra $400.

      Thanks for confirming LR works. That was my major concern.

      PS – Thanks Frederick et al. I was a little worried when
      all your guests had “nope” as an answer, but you all pulled thru with
      some constructive advice.

  2. Frederick, can you offer a comment about the iMac Retina configuration you chose and/or a recommendation for upgrades (if any), please?

    1. Hey Donna — here’s my config (screenshot) and I couldn’t be happier. Though Doug Kaye opted for the upgraded video card and SSD drives and is similarly in love. For me, this one is perfect for what I need (podcast, photography, video).

    2. Thank you for the swift reply, Frederick. I’m getting the idea that you can’t go too far wrong with any configuration. I was thinking that the Retina wasn’t a consideration, until I went to the Apple store and did a side-by-side with another nonRetina 27″. Images look amazing on the 5K, of course, but so does text! I look forward to hearing more about what you and Doug think on All About the Gear as a member of the choir.

      I enjoy all your shows, btw. They are fun as well as informative. Nice vibes all around! 🙂