TWiP 338 – Holiday Gifts for Photographers


Host: Frederick Van Johnson with Darlene Hildebrandt and Martin Bailey

This week on TWiP…

  • Chicago Sun Times re­hires some of the photographers they replaced with iPhones
  • Nikon firmware update kills 3rd party batteries
  • TWiP's Holiday Gift Giving Guide
  • And an interview with photographer Steve Brokaw


Interview with Steve Brokaw

Listen in at the end of the show for Frederick's conversation with photographer Steve Brokaw. To learn more about Steve and to keep up with everything he's up to, check out his website at

You can also follow Steve on Twitter or circle him on Google+

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  1. FWIW, I do buy 3rd party batteries for m43, P&S, etc. Never had a battery catch fire, but, recently have a battery with sides that “swelled”, getting stuck in the camera. Didn’t buy it that way — it went in the camera just fine. Start having problems after a few charges. I don’t use 3rd party in my DSLRs — batteries last long enough that I can afford to stick with camera manufacturer batteries.

  2. I think your discussion on the 3rd party batteries
    missed the whole point: Nikon released the firmware to fix the battery life.
    From the fact that cameras could not recognize the 3rd party batteries

    The Nikon batteries are ‘smart’ batteries with some sort of
    a chip in them

    The firmware is using ‘creative’ ways to utilize those ‘smart’
    batteries. That mean that it is not a problem fix but a work a round. The fact
    that cameras use a lot of energy (higher than the battery capacity) is still
    there they just use less time. Again it is just my speculation as an microcontroller

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