Trey Ratcliff (VIDEO) – Discovering the Art of Photography

In this interview Trey and I catch up about his move to New Zealand, a “meta” discussion about art vs tech, and how to market yourself in the digital age.

We also discuss his new photography training class “Discovering the Art of Photography“. A new webinar series designed to give you a solid foundation in the art, science, and technology of photography.

The tutorials are targeted at beginning photographers and enthusiasts. It will be launched via a four-part live webinar over four consecutive evenings, July 31 – Aug 3.

Each webinar will begin with a brief introduction followed by a broadcast of a video followed by a live Q&A session with Trey lasting 60+ minutes.

Sign up one person ($149):

Or sign up and bring a friend ($199):

When you register for this series of live webinars you will also receive:

  • Live Q&A session with Trey Ratcliff at the end of each episode
  • A downloadable copy of the tutorial will be made available shortly after the live event
  • 10 Principles of Beautiful Photography eBook by Trey Ratcliff
  • Composing the Photo eBook by Trey Ratcliff
  • 20% discount on all StuckInCustoms tutorials and eBooks at Flatbooks
  • Access to private Clubhouse forums


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  1. Welcome to New Zealand Trey! Happy to buy you a coffee if you are ever in Wellington and have a some time spare…


  2. Thank you for doing these podcasts & videos, Frederick. You ask the questions I want to ask! Very interesting.

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