TheFIX 009: Lightroom Adjustment Brush Magic with Ron Clifford

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In this episode:

Photographer Ron Clifford shows how he paints light and color into his photographs using Lightroom's Adjustment Brush. Ron also reminds us to exercise permission to play when we're editing our photos. It's one of the keys to making a great photo.

Highlights of this episode:

01:12 Ron and Jan chat about giving yourself permission to play when processing your photos.
12:53 Lightroom Tutorial: Ron demonstrates how to paint light and color into your photographs with Lightroom's Adjustment Brush.

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Ron Clifford photos:

About our guest:

Ron Clifford is an artist, coach, and creative mentor with a gift for helping unlock the creative ninja that lives inside every person. He not only explores the world through the connections his camera helps him create; Ron also helps others overcome roadblocks and see blind spots in own creative journeys. In Ron's words: “I believe we only truly reach our potential when we learn to help others and lift each other up. We were made for community and family, and in a certain way, that's what I do. I build community and strengthen bonds through the experience of photography.  Nothing can compare to getting involved in building up another person's real life.
I have the best job in the world.”

Check out Ron's photos, mentorships, and workshops at

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