The Scoop on TWiT and TWiP

Here's the scoop regarding why we're no longer broadcasting live video on the TWiT network.

When we started broadcasting from the TWiT Cottage, Leo LaPorte (host of TWiT) had two wide open days in the weekly schedule – Monday and Friday. Everything else was jam packed. He graciously let us use the open time to do TWiP live from the studio (which also allowed me to learn the video and audio mixing… MUCH harder than it looks).

As TWiT grew, the space we were “squatting on” became increasingly valuable. However, Leo didn't ask us to move… he's too nice to do that. However, I could see that working “around” us was getting more and more difficult for TWiT. So we simply offered to clear the time slots for his regular shows.

So what's next?

We're currently working on some new things that will allow us to return to streaming live in the near future… though I think it will likely be audio-only (just because it's easier for us to manage). We're VERY excited about the live audience and your involvement so stay tuned! We should have something up and running in the next month or so!

We are very appreciative of the many opportunities Leo and TWiT have provided our shows over the years. We really wouldn't be where we are without the partnership.

FYI: We'd love to hear your thoughts on this, please sound off in forums!

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  1. I usually listen to the program on my iphone and have not really looked at the visual version, so I am looking forward to listening some more.

  2. I always listen to the podcast on my ipod or imac, so no video is fine with me. As usual I’m a bit behind in my ability to listen, but I always catch up for a week or too. Keep up the good work and – thanks for updating your website. I need new content a few times a week to keep my coming back.

  3. I loved the video feed and often watched it and later listened to the audio again to catch what I missed. I hope that you will offer a video feed again because it was great to see the guys that are so often behind the camera.

  4. Sadly I was only watching the Video version and not the audio version….Just like on Leo’s site, I now no longer listen to the audio streams and only watch the live video. If it isn’t live I don’t watch it, the internet has become my TV.

    I will however start listening to Twip since I still want to get my Photography news and tips, but I will probably forget to download it quite a few times. :-/

  5. I have always listened to the podcast on my mp3 player, typically while I’m work. The video feed intrigued me but I am seldom available to watch it live. Is there any chance of you doing a video podcast (as opposed to streaming live) or at least making that an option?

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