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Trey RatcliffA few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet up with my friend Trey Ratcliff at the Peak Design headquarters in San Francisco, California. The day prior, Trey contacted me with a cryptic message saying something like “you have to come see what I’ve been working on with Peak…”.

So, intrigued — I went.

The big reveal turned out to be a cool new camera bag that the guys at Peak Design, in collaboration with Trey had cooked up. They’d incorporated many of the learnings culled from creating their highly popular strap and camera attachment systems. And they also took a long hard look at the failings of many current camera bag systems. Like strap positioning, dividers, water resistance, laptop/tablet support, memory card management and more. And after many iterations and revisions (that you’ll see in the video) they came up with The Everyday Messenger.

We all realize that finding the “perfect” camera bag is like chasing unicorns, considering the number of variables unique to each individual photographer. But I think this one is extremely well thought out and addresses a number of obvious pain-points common to many photographers.

At the time I published this post, their Kickstarter campaign, which was looking for a “mere” $100k had already been funded to over $700k — in just a DAY or so. In fact, they reached their $100k goal in just ONE HOUR after opening the campaign. That’s gotta be some sort of record.

To celebrate and promote this bag, Trey is also doing a photowalk tour around the USA, stopping in various cities to show off the bag and meet (and shoot with) StuckinCustoms fans. You can learn all about the tour over on

Get in on the Kickstarter and get one of these bags for yourself – just head over to their Kickstarter page and check out the details!

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  1. Looks great, I’m probably gonna pick one up, the Kickstarter Page & all the videos there look promising. Hopefully I’ll get to see one in person because Trey said he’ll have the bags on the Photowalks, I’ll be @ the first one in NYC.

  2. Only thing Id like to see aside from different colors ( Black specifically ) which I know is in the works….is a rain skin built in. Preferably one that will also cover a Capture pro mounted camera. Add that and a lock and cable system.. and this can take honors as the best bag ever. GREAT work guys!~

    1. I agree Jason. What I’d like to see is a system of “accessory” bags for things like filters, audio gear and other loose items. I know I can buy these from other places, but I’d love to see a system like this designed by Peak Design, and integrated tightly with this bag. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these bags!

    2. Haha, it is the second “Rewards” on KickStarter for $225 for the Bag & this Pouch, $30 alone.

  3. Peak Design is such a customer friendly company–a great choice for Trey to hook up with. For example, Amazon sent me the wrong thing from the Peak Design product line, and the Amazon return date got by me. No worries. I contacted Peak Design, and the company sent me the right product directly, along with a free return label for the wrong one. And I love their camera strap and hand strap, which I use on both my Pany and Olympus.

  4. Please tell me a 70-200 with a flagship DSLR attached fits with at least 1 other lens.

  5. Is this where you comment to try and win one?

    I could put my whole Olympus mirrorless kit plus some in there!

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