TWiP 428 – Paranoia and Natural Selection

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TWiP 428 – Paranoia and Natural Selection

This is TWiP Episode 428 — Paranoia and natural selection.They say the only constant in life is change. And the photography industry magnifies that idea by adding the aspect of speed to the mix. This constant relentless and rapid change has tanked another company in the industry, this time it’s wedding and portrait stalwart Pictage.

Also, Instagram goes rectangular! You can now share pics and videos on the popular service that are NOT square! And lastly DxOMark gives its highest rating EVER to the Sony A7R II!

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We’d like to announce and  congratulate our two winners of the Trey Ratcliff Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag give-away. The winner for TWiP Talks episode 16 is user “RevTim”, and the winner for TWiP Episode 424 is Trig8! Watch the videos below of Frederick selecting the lucky winners. And if you happen to be one of those lucky winners, contact us via the Submit a Question page on

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  1. Scientific correction for the show-ending snippets on Iceland/Greenland naming. No, the old Norse were not drunken or intentionally deceitful when naming Iceland and Greenland. Due to the climate during Medieval times, ocean currents and geology, Iceland was similarly ice-covered as today but with more yearly snowfall, wet and colder. Greenland on the other hand was, indeed, surprisingly green. We know latter not only from the climate records but from archaeology – archaeological remains of large farming communities were found on Greenland from those times, scope of which can’t be supported even today. Best example being dig uncovered in early 2000’s by retreating glaciers-one of the largest Norse farming communities and at the place even today glaciers have just retreated off… Greenland was pleasantly green at the time for couple hundred of years.

  2. I find it funny that people continually criticize Canon and Nikon for not being innovate, when Canon recently released a camera that has a high ISO of 4,000,000 and just announced a 250MP prototype sensor. Just because the internet echo chamber doesn’t get excited by Canon or Nikon anymore doesn’t mean they’re not innovating.

  3. Thanks for the link Steve. Actually my drive also had the alternating lights when I first got it, I called WD and they had me to a factory reset on the drive and it has worked ever since.

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