Street Focus 87: Street Tips with Andreas Ott

Street Focus 87: Street Tips with Andreas Ott

This week on Street Focus, German street photographer Andreas Ott gives us is top 10 street tips.

Andreas Ott is a passionate street photographer based in Bonn and Cologne, Germany. He is a family father, works full time in IT and photographs mostly after work and during his daily routines. He specializes on urban geometry and surreal, funny scenes in everyday life. Andreas is a Street Photography Cologne Collective member and takes his pictures mostly around his hometown and in the Netherlands.

Andreas Ott
Andreas Ott

You can find more information about Andreas on his website

The 10 tips that Andreas and I discuss on this show.

  1. Integrate photography into your daily life and routines
  2. Look for suitable locations (before / after work, with kids…)
  3. Discover interesting spots in your area
  4. Think about a realisitc aproach / choice of subject
  5. Think of themes or categories before shooting
  6. Be close to your subject (become part of the scene), tell a story
  7. Don't search for funny or surreal moments, they will come naturally
  8. Participate in photo walks to gain confidence in photographing other people
  9. Share your experience (have your own little blog)
  10. Publish your photos carefully (photo selection)


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  1. Love Andreas’ images. And thank you both for an interesting podcast. I think to tips are excellent; especially 7, 8, 9 and 10.