Street Focus 82: Street Tips with Matt Hart

Street Focus 82: Street Tips with Matt Hart

Today my guest is photographer Matt Hart. He shares his top 10 street tips with you in a really fun conversation. I hope you enjoy it!

Matt Hart
Matt Hart

Matt Hart is a black and white Photographer based in Liverpool. He is an official  Fujifilm X Photographer; a Formatt Hitech featured Artist and the founder of The Fujiholics Social Media Group. Annual projects have helped Matt to focus on his personal development within the industry constantly challenging his own ideas and concepts and motivating him to learn new skills. Matt is passionate about Candid Street Photography, he has developed the skill to observe and be virtually invisible, letting the world carry on around him without affecting the scene.  Matt runs Street Photography workshops and courses around the UK passing on his techniques in Street Photography. He also speaks at events and organizes many free photowalks with up to hundreds of photographers in some of the UK’s largest cities. 

See more of Matt’s work and connect with him via his website: www.matthewhartphotography.com


  1. great podcast and excellent tips, thank you

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