Street Focus 57: Q&A and Street Challenge

[smart_track_player url=”″ color=”6a1915″ title=”Q&A and Street Challenge” artist=”Street Focus 57″ ] Street Focus 57: Q&A and Street Challenge

This week my guest co-host Ken Lyons and I answer questions from Sheila Bodine, Michael Schmitt, Levi Shand and Karolina Trapp about ways to offer a copy of the photo to the subject of a street portrait, how to protect our cameras from the elements and where to draw the line about what it ethical to publish online. We then announce the winners of the last Street Challenge, announce a new one and give our picks of the week!

To see more of Ken Lyons' work, his workshops and upcoming online tutorials, please visit his website.

And if you want to come and hang out with Ken and me in Rome in April, there are a few spots left via my website.

And The Winners Are….

Rober Munoz

©Rober Munoz
©Rober Munoz

Thomas Mauer with ‘Golden Autumn'

©Thomas Mauer
©Thomas Mauer

Judy Robb with ‘Market day in Paris'

©Judy Robb
©Judy Robb


Congratulations to all three winners, they will receive an ebook of their choice from our friends at RockyNook!

Next Street Challenge: Create motion by using a PANNING technique. Listen to the tips we gave on the show and check some online articles and tutorials to help you master the technique. And remember, it doesn't have to be tack sharp but the choice of subject is the important part! The deadline to enter your best panning shot in the comment section below is November 12. Good luck!

Picks of the Week:

Ken's pick: Camslinger Camera Bag

Valerie's pick: Humans of New York Stories by Brandon Stanton

Some panning shots for inspiration by Valerie Jardin. Remember, the subject doesn't have to be tack sharp, but it has to be interesting!


  1. Hello Valerie ,
    I love your podcasts !
    This is my contribution to your competition


  2. Thank you for answering my question, Valerie and Ken! I have had the exact same impression that protective sleeves are more of a nuisance than a real help – I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one to protect the camera with just a hand or umbrella. Also, a very good point about the ridicule. A most illuminating podcast – it was great to listen to it. Cheers!

  3. Bonjour Valerie!

    I have listened to each one of your podcasts since day one and also when you were a guest on TWIP with Frederick. Thank you for providing such a great resource to us street photographers! I was actually practicing panning earlier this week on my way to work in the morning. It is quite difficult with my fully manual Leica. 🙂 I liked this pic as it gave me an uneasy feeling that this was some sort of train wreck (which it wasn’t). Thanks once again.


  4. Thank you for a great podcast show! Looking forward to next episode 🙂
    Here´s a photo for the next challenge, captured in Thessaloniki in Greece.
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you for the kind words Leidolv! It’s heart warming to know that so many people listen from all over the world!

  5. Hi Valerie! I am a recent subscriber to your podcast and would like to congratulate you because I love it!
    Here are two of my recent panning shots for this street challenge: “Locked on a Vintage Tram” and “A Ferrari moment” both taken in the old streets of Lisbon.

  6. Hi Valerie! I am a recent subscriber to your podcast and would like to congratulate you on the materials produced because I love it!

    My contribution to this street challenge is “Locked on a vintage tram”.

    Lisbon operates a delightful network of quaint old trams that still screech around the narrow streets of the capital. No visit to Lisbon is complete without taking a ride on one of these classic vintage trams.

    I made photo contact, for a brief moment, with a tram traveller. We both connected thanks to our mutual amusement for Lisbon’s vintage trams!

  7. Hello Valerie! Thanks for the great podcast. I listen to it from day (episode) one. It’s the perfect companion for the streets of Berlin.

  8. I’m really glad i get the chance to show this photo! This is my first ever panning shot. Thanks Red Bull!

  9. Hi Valerie, here is my submission – it is called ‘Lollipop’. This is in Bangalore, India. I think that it is law for the driver to wear a helmet. But the law seem to miss the definition of a helmet for additional passengers (nor the amount of them).

  10. Thanks for the challenge, Valerie! This one is “Bicycle rider and her shadow – Vancouver BC”

  11. Hello from Tokyo, Valérie! This photo was taken in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. Hope you enjoy it!

  12. At a photography club board meeting, I became bored. I picked up my camera, lowered the shutter speed and grabbed a photograph of the waitress as she sped by.


  13. Hi I am new here! I have enjoyed a few of you podcasts Valerie and thought I would join in the challenge. It is not strictly street – but it is fun!

  14. Hi Valérie,

    Greetings again from Tokyo! It seems like my initial image was taken down for some reason.. so here is another photo.



    1. Very strange, maybe something happened at the moderation level sorry about that! Thank you for trying again 🙂

    2. Sure thing – it looks like the second image stayed up okay : )

      Just to let you know, my posting of my original image of the 3 bicycles shows up in my commenting history as “pending” – please see attached image. Hope that helps some.

  15. Hi Valerie,
    I must have made a mistake yesterday – I thought I did share this…
    So one more try – I must admit this was shot before the challenge period, but I was not sure whether it needs to be a new pic.
    However – trying to reproduce it yesterday on a large funny fair failed (pics were not nearly like like this), so I hope I may participate.

  16. My entry for the panning competition.

    This is the image that gave me the idea to start my project which is still on-going called Life @ 1/15th sec.
    The streets of London especially in the summer are full of Rickshaws. Sometimes a hinderance to cars and buses but brings a simple uniqueness to my great City.

  17. Hello, Valerie. Here is my entry for the panning challenge. This was taken in my home town, Melbourne and shows a very relaxed young boy being pushed along the St. Kilda boardwalk by his hard working father.

  18. Thirty-Ninth and Fifth, New York City. One-eighth-second exposure, prefocused. Longer exposures produced photos that were too ethereal, while shorter exposures lacked the energy and motion in this one. And I had to have the taxi to give it a sense of place.

  19. Hi Valerie

    Here’s my entry for the Panning challenge, – taken outside London’s National Theatre at 1/15th sec on a 50mm lens. I usually do my street pics in B&W, however this one just had to be in colour!

    Really enjoy the podcasts – many thanks, keep them coming!

  20. Hallo Valerie

    i’am a listener of your show from the first episode and i must congratulate you to this podcast.
    And today i will add my first panning try to the contest. It is taken in the street of Munich using my Fuji X100.

    Regard Egbert

    1. You are making such a good stuff with your podcast. It’s so refreshing to listing the podcast and the interesting interview partners and their perception to street photography.

  21. Hi Valerie,
    I really enjoy your podcast, it improve my photographic skills and also my english !

    1. Merci Laurent! I love the double function of the podcast: Photographic and English education! 🙂