Street Focus 51: Street Tips with Thomas Leuthard

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Thomas Leuthard

Street Focus 51: Street Tips with Thomas Leuthard

In this new Street Tips episode of Street Focus, Swiss photographer Thomas Leuthard shares his Top 10 Street Tips.

Excerpt from Thomas' website: “Street Photography is more than going for a walk with your camera. It is a question of being part of the street and observing things that other people would never see. Thomas Leuthard's goal is to get people away from the hype about gear towards a more story telling and composition focussed approach.”

Visit Thomas Leuthard's website and check out his podcast.

Learn more about Foto Marathon.

In this episode we discuss Thomas' following tips:

1. The camera is a tool and should do some work = P-Mode

2. This give you time to focus on composition, master it

3. Work the scene instead of shooting just once

4. Shoot in burst mode to get the right moment

5. Travel to other cities (close & far). You will see different things.

6. Meet other photographers. Organize Meet-up's

7. Have a weekly recurring photo walk with someone

8. Talk about photos not gear. Stay away from gear heads

9. Don't listen to others, just do your thing

10. Shoot while you listen to podcasts and subscribe to many of them


  1. Thanks Valerie & Thomas. These are very impotant tips , I use ‘A’ mode but now will use the ‘P’ Mode.

    1. It really depends on what you are going for. You never want the camera to do all the work. Creative decisions need to come into play when choosing modes. Do I want depth of field in this shot or do I want to show motion? Things like that

    2. To each his/her own! Some of the best street photographers use simple tools such as smart phones. I agree, Jason, that in most situations you need to take control of the gear to a some extend but over all, the camera can do most of the non-creative work and let you focus on vision and composition.

  2. Another great episode. Thank you Valerie and Thomas. Love the tips. I also let the camera do some work, although I usually use either A or S mode depending on the scenarios I’m shooting. Especially for beginner photographers they should resist being intimidated by “manual shooters”.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Mike! Each Street Tips episode brings a wealth of information, even if the tips are often similar, there is always a new twist to them.

    1. I’m not sure what that means Waleed. I’m not on Flickr and I don’t even know how that platform works.

    2. I unfollowed him on Flickr after he offered to sell an account with 10,000 followers. He was also selling an ebook on how to do that. You can ask him about it to confirm, and I sincerely hope he stopped doing such things.

      Most of us are passionate hobbyists, seeking to create and view beautiful work.

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