Street Focus 49 – Q&A and Street Challenge

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Today my guest co-host is my good friend and photographer Steve Brokaw. Steve is an editorial fashion & portrait photographer based in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He photographs in his studio, M10 Studio, and on location.  He is also a street photographer when not in studio and for fun.  For street photography he uses a wide range of formats from digital, film & instant photography. Visit Steve's website, follow him on Facebook, on Instagram at StevenBrokaw and if you like film, visit his blog.

Together we answer questions from Kathi Wood, Runnerman and John Costenoble about the number of keepers at the end of a day of shooting, how to start a street photography group in your area and what is our preferred F stop on the street.

And the winners are…

Steve picked an image by Rodrigo Ruiz:

©Rodrigo Ruiz
©Rodrigo Ruiz

Valerie selected an image titled Wistful by Jane Sheers:

©Jane Sheers
©Jane Sheers

Picks of the week:

Steve's Pick: The Impossible Project

Valerie's Pick: Lensmate Thumbgrip for Fuji X100T

Next Street Challenge: FASHIONABLE! Listen to the tips given by Steve and Valerie on the show and look at the gallery below for inspiration. Enter your image in the comment section below before September 17. One entry per person. Good luck!

Samples of Fashion in the Street by Steve Brokaw and Valerie Jardin:


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    1. Muchas gracias!!!
      Siempre hay un Argentino en cualquier cosa que se esté haciendo en el mundo, este… mi humilde aporte 🙂

      Thank you!!!
      There is always an Argentine in anything that is being done in the world, this … my humble contribution 🙂

  1. Nice talk by Valerie & Steve specially using what Fstop , I use aperture priority mostly F5.6 to wide open F2.

    1. Tapas, f/5.6 is a good aperture to use for most situations. It’s a good setting if you want your primary subject in focus but some softness to the foreground & background. It’s best for a slower / more deliberate shooting style. Thanks for the comments!

  2. A very interesting and enriching discussion – I have never consciously done street photography before I bumped into this site but have unconsciously shot some it seems…

  3. I have never seen women around here wearing pants like this before or since, so assume this couple were tourists, which probably backed up by the big roller bags. Apparently these are known as “drop crotch” pants and I must say I’m not disappointed that they don’t seem to have caught on around here.

    The shot was taken on a photo walk arranged for our photo club, on which Fujifilm lent us X-M1 cameras as an introduction to mirrorless shooting. I liked it so much that I immediately bought an X-E1 and sold off my DSLR kit.

  4. Enjoyed the discussion in this episode. Here is a submission for the fashion contest:

    Technicolor Dreamcoat

  5. Another great episode. Here is my submission for the fashion street challenge, taken near Madison Square Garden in New York City.

  6. “Bandh!!” (aka “Strike!!”)
    Esplanade, Kolkata – 2nd September 2015
    Taken with my Google Nexus 5 so doesn’t have a great resolution but loved the animation in the frame!!

  7. Knoxville TN also known as the “Scruffy City” as the lack of fashion is the norm. I couldn’t help but capture this young lady as she was waiting at the local patio bar. I just loved the way she was wearing that wonderful hat.

  8. People in costumes where walking down the street, while I was trying the panning technique to get the background blurry and the subject sharp.

    1. Thanks Jane. This shot was taken in Venice and I guess that people dressed like this in previous days or even now during carneval.

  9. Fashion – it always want the next new thing

    I stalked this couple down the streets of Ourense, Spain. And they saw me saw me so it was time to leave them alone.

  10. Please accept this submission for the Street Fashion Challenge.

    Whoever says there local area is boring just needs to look a little closer. I live in a coastal town north of Brisbane and this shot was taken at a local Rockabilly, Retro street sale. I was trying to get a shot of the two tattooed ladies in the foreground. I had no idea the lady behind was photo bombing me until I processed the film. Shot with a Canon AE1, 50mm on Kentmere 400, B&W film, home processed.
    Sandgate, Brisbane, Australia.

  11. Here is my submission for the challenge. Keep the good work up, I really enjoy listening to the podcast. It really got me motivated for doing street photography.

  12. Hello to all again!

    There are a lot of good photos in contest, here my pic for the challenge.

    Buenos aires, July 2015.
    Lady on Fuchsia

  13. Kings Road, Chelsea, London – where else?
    This lovely lady broke in to a winning smile half a second after I’d taken this, and it rather made my day!

  14. Piazza San Marco, Venice Italy. This did not look at all interesting until I cropped it real close and noticed that the “bride” and “groom” are actually mannequins…

  15. Street Focus Challenge – fashion
    Barcelona, Spain. Sony RX100M4

    Saw the guy walking down the sidewalk so I quickly took the shot.

  16. Darn! I’m 24 minutes too late… computer issues… but I’ll add this little fashionista I saw in Whistler BC anyway! Great photos submitted by everyone.

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