Street Focus 42: Karen Hutton Hits the Streets of Paris

Street Focus 42: Karen Hutton Hits the Streets of Paris

Photographer Karen Hutton
Photographer Karen Hutton

I had the pleasure to have my friend and photographer extraordinaire, Karen Hutton, join my group and make her first steps in street photography during my Paris photo workshop in May 2015. I thought it would be a fun idea to have Karen share her experience from a nature and landscape photographer’s perspective.

About Karen: Karen Hutton is a professional light bender and storyteller. That’s shorthand for her style of fine art landscape photography, and the fact that she’s also a voiceover artist, online show host, writer, speaker and teacher. She has over 2 million followers on social media; with over 9 billion views of her photographic work. Karen, her photography and voice has been featured at Google and on Stuck in Customs, TWiP, Macphun Software, Forbes.com, The Grid with Scott Kelby, Rick Sammon’s DPE Podcast.  She lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. You can find her at Karenhutton.com.

Some images from Karen’s trip to Paris:

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