Skydiving for Social Media

What a wild year this has been so far!

And the fun is just beginning! Somehow I got lucky and was asked to give a talk at OpenCamp. I'll be talking about a subject I love… and no, it's not Photography! It'll be on Social Media – I hope you'll come hang out.

But here's where it gets better; John Pozadzides and Cali Lewis called me up last week with a request. (Note that I've learned over the years to always sit down when someone calls you up and says “are you sitting down?”). Well, they asked me if I'd be up for jumping out of a plane while at OpenCamp (with a parachute of course).

Before they could go any further I interrupted with a “YES!”.

But then the kicker came… I'll be jumping with the United States Army's Golden Knights Exhibition Jump team! Along with some other folks.

Say what?! But it gets even BETTER! The magnanimous John P. is arranging things so that I'll be able to not only photograph the jump, but also grab a rare interview with the team for TWiP! So if you have any questions you'd like me to ask, leave them in the post comments.

I'm excited to be talking at the amazing OpenCamp event, and of course jumping out of a plane. But I'm even more excited to be talking about social media along side the likes of John P., Cali Lewis, Trey Ratcliff, Chris Pirillo, and others!

What is OpenCamp? Check it out here.


  1. Are people allowed to carry cameras when they are skydiving, and if so is there a special strap?

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