New Sigma SD1

“Sigma announces the new SD1 digital SLR camera. The SD1 incorporates a 46 megapixel (4,800×3,200×3 layers) image sensor that captures all primary RGB colors at each pixel location, ensuring full and complete color. Furthermore, the SD1 incorporates a new image processing engine and an autofocus system with an 11 point twin cross sensor. The lightweight magnesium alloy body is designed to withstand rough use in harsh conditions Buttons & connections benefit from O-ring sealings to protect against dust and water…”

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I have to admit, I'm getting much more interested in the Sigma sensors now that the resolution is getting to a size that I can work with. Stacking the sensors makes sense… If it were a full-sized sensor… I'd be even more intriguing.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sigma went on record that they will be making a Full Frame foveon sensor in the future. They said that about 9 months ago shortly after Sigma bought Foveon (the company).

    The SD1 is already a small step up. All the SD bodies (SD9, SD10, SD14, SD15 are 1.7 crop sensors. The SD1 gets a little bigger at only 1.5 crop which is a first for Foveon/Sigma. That’s a pretty big deal for wide angle, now your 10mm is 15mm in 35mm equivalent as opposed to 17mm as it had been in all past SD bodies.

    I find that upsizing my SD14 shots to match my D3 size has very little impact given how razor sharp Foveon captures. It looks as good as any D3/D700. I’m drooling at what the 15mp native SD1 will look like without any upsizing. WOW!

    I can’t wait.

  2. Most reviews of SD1 fail to mention the biggest current problem of Foveon that could be significantly improved by going to full sensor size: low light performance/sensitivity. If they stay with current, very reasonable 15 Mpix, enlarging sensor to full size would mean increasing size of pixel sites – the best method to increase sensitivity, improve signal/noise and hence low light performance. I hope they do so.
    As for me, Sigma just muddled the water on whether to replace my aging SD9 with Nikon D700, SD1 or wait even longer for full frame Foveon.

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