Tweet to Win an ENTIRE Photo Book Library!

I've been a fan of digital books for some time now-in audio, PDF & ePub formats. Reading and listening to eBooks covering photographic technique and inspiration on my iPad goes great with my passion for the art of photography.

The Magic of Black & White

Having just finished reading Craft & Vision's “The Magic of Black and White III” I was inspired to go out and capture some images for black and white processing. My process to date has been to select black and white conversion candidates from a batch of shots that were done for other purposes. I don't believe I've ever set out specifically to capture images for black and white conversion. Among other things, this ebook encouraged me to do that, and I'll post the images when they are ready.

The Contest!

I continue to be blown away by the quality of these ebooks, and I've long been an admirer of Photographer David duChemin for both his photographic skills as well as his entrepreneurial spirit. So, I decided to reach out and contact David about doing something with TWiP.

David is also the force behind Craft & Vision – a company he formed to publish and distribute his ebooks. They sell these finely crafted ebooks for just $5 each, and they have a growing library of 16 titles!

So, when I asked David if I could give away one as a prize to a TWiP listener. He agreed, then quickly upped the ante…

Instead of ONE book, we are giving away the ENTIRE LIBRARY of books to a single winner!

Wha? Seriously?

So, here's how to win:

  • Follow “@ThisWeekinPhoto” on Twitter
  • Send out a tweet that says: “I've entered to win an ENTIRE photo book library from @ThisWeekinPhoto! – pls RT!
  • Your tweet MUST contain all of the text above to be considered an eligible entry.

That's it. All you have to do is Tweet… and you might walk away with an entire ebook library!

The winner will be announced next week on the podcast. Good luck!

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  1. Just want to point out that the text you want people to paste has an angled apostrophe in it, which might throw off your results when you do a search for the winner. I debated whether I should fix it when I pasted it into Twitter, and ultimately decided to leave it as-is, but typographer’s quotes are always messy because they won’t come up in a search that has straight apostrophes…

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