All About Microstock (VIDEO)

Eliza and Dave Snow have built a dynamic microstock business selling their photos and videos online.

The microstock model has allowed them to live their dream lifestyle of working when and how they want to and following their creative passion.


They travel around the world taking photos, meeting fellow photographers, and living a flexible, creative, and fun life. In this interview Dave and Eliza provide a highly visual and interactive look into today's opportunities in microstock.

Among other things, they cover:

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  • What is Microstock?
  • The Microstock Mindset
  • Is Microstock Right For You?
  • What You Need
  • What to Shoot and What Buyers Are Looking For
  • How Much Money Can You Make?
  • Getting Started

Aimed at both amateur and professional photographers, they explore what it takes to start and build a microstock business to generate passive income on a part-time or full-time basis.

Using photos, examples, and personal experiences, they present a candid insider's view of the microstock industry.

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  1. Wow, Frederick, just wonderful. Many thanks to Eliza and Dave. Not to diminish the consistent greatness of your other podcasts, but this first Plus is easily, for me, the most timely and inspiring episode yet. I am very curious about getting into microstock, and I think now I have a good handle on what it’s all about. Perfect questions, and amazingly useful answers. Thanks!

  2. Very interesting conversation. I personally have been doing stock for about 4 years (as a hobby, not fulltime at all) and found it interesting. I talk a bit more about it on my blog, but basically, I agree with a lot of the points made. I will say that microstock is harder then I expected at first, if you want to make a living at it… but if you have the time/patience it is worthwhile.


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