10 Free iPhone Apps Every Photographer Needs

Mobile photography continues to be one of the hottest trends in photo communities all over the world. Yes, everyone has a pretty good camera in their hands now but there is no need to fear for the art of photography. Why not embrace these tools to take fun pictures on go, enhance the photos from your DSLR, network with other photographers and market yourself? This free apps are the essentials for every photographer with an iPhone.

InstagramInstagram: This app hardly needs an explanation. By far the world's most popular mobile photo sharing platform, Instagram allows photographers to snap photos, apply retro filters and blur effects and share with the world. Since so many non-photographers use it, its a great way to build an audience of socially active users.


Camera AwesomeCamera Awesome: The native camera app is good but this truly awesome. Camera Awesome provides the ability to focus and exposure different areas of an image. There is a self-timer for group shots and an interval feature for time lapses. Share with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr or SmugMug with just one tap. This is absolutely the best free photo taking app for iPhone.


Photoshop ExpressPhotoshop Express: Thank you Adobe! All the best features of Photoshop packaged into a clean, easy-to-use mobile app. Basic editing tools like cropping, straightening, rotating, color correction and saturation are built in.There are several paid upgrades like noise reduction that turn this simple app into a powerful editor.


AviaryAviary: This editing app has more features than you will know what to do with. In addition to filters and borders, you can whiten teeth, remove redeye and draw on your images. It truly makes editing your iPhone photos fun.



ISO500ISO500: For 500px addicts, ISO500 is your home away from home. While the free version doesn't come with the ability to upload photos, you can still view of the amazing photos on 500px, like and comment, share and monitor your votes and favorites. Its not quite as amazing as the iPad app but when your on the go, it will satisfy your craving.


PhotosynthPhotosynth: This awesome app from Microsoft stitches together multiple photos to create panoramas. Take the photos in the app and watch them come together as you turn 360 degrees.



TiltShift GeneratorTiltShift Generator: Tilt shift lenses are expensive…like, really expensive. So why not try out this incredibly powerful iPhone app before investing in the real thing? We think you'll really be impressed by the miniature creations of this free app.



Google+Google+: Since its launch last year, Google+ has become one of the most fertile platforms on the web for photographers. Led by Thomas Hawk and Trey Ratcliff (who you should absolutely add to your circles), Google+ offers a superior mobile experience and an engaged audience.



Pocket LightmeterPocket Light Meter: A new version of an old tool. This handy app takes the guesswork out of metering. Set shutter speed, aperture or ISO and the app will automatically set the other two. Its a great way to visualize your exposures in an era of “Program” mode.



Pixable: This app shines because of its simplicity. Sync it with your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to see a feed of all photos in one place. One of the coolest features allows you swipe up-and-down to view other photos in an album and left-to-right to view the next photo in your feed. We post and view photos all over the place and this app makes it easy to see everything in one place.


And a bonus 11th app!
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