TWiP 449 – Presets! Good, Bad, or Lazy?

Photo agency Corbis has been sold by Bill Gates to Visual China Group. Plus Canon's new marketing experiment called the Lab & a discussion about presets. Are they good, bad, or lazy?

TheFIX 040: Stock Images for Composites with Dave Cross

In this episode of TheFIX, Photoshop educator Dave Cross stops by to talk about his latest venture,, a stock photography web site that offers layered images that are created specifically for use with composites.

TWiP #292: The Camera Sutra

This week on TWiP: The CP Plus show in Japan, smartphone stock photos and techniques for choosing your best images. Plus an interview with photographer and educator David H. Wells.

TWiP #232 – There’s A Yak For That

This week on TWiP: dSLRs banned from a UK tube station, iPhone photos find their way into stock photography, Kodak burning through $70 million a month, and CF cards to be replaced by smaller XQD format.

TWiP #215 – Stock it to Me

This week on TWiP: Stock buyers or stock shooters - who's to blame for the state of stock photography today, Delkin releases new CF cards for extreme conditions, a photograph of President Obama at a memorial site stirs some controversy, and Nokia creates the world's largest stop-motion animation with a cell phone camera.
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TWiP #198 – Viva Las Vegas

On this episode of TWiP, can you tell the difference between the Las Vegas Statue of Liberty and the real one in New York? If so, the US Postal Service could use your help. onOne introduces layers to Lightroom, and Bruce Clarke sits down with photographer Matthew Jordan Smith to pick his brain about all things photography.