TWiP #292: The Camera Sutra


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Alex Lindsay, Valerie Jardin, and Dan Ablan

Episode Overview

This week on TWiP, we are back in the Google+ Hangout format! Here's what's on tap:

  • The CP Plus Trade Show in Japan
  • Smartphone Stock Photos
  • Techniques for Choosing Your Best Images
  • And an Interview with David H. Wells

Alex Lindsay, Valerie Jardin and Dan Ablan join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these topics and more on this week's episode of TWiP.


Alex: The Nikon D800E

Valerie: Dramatic Black and White App for iPhone ($0.99) by Jixi Pix Software

Dan: Mirrorgram – Check out this free, silly app

Frederick: The Camera Sutra – Trey Ratcliff's new Stuck in Customs T-Shirt offering

  1. Valerie's International Workshops
  2. The latest announcements from the CP+ Trade Show
  3.  Fostex AR-4i ($89.00) – Portable recording unit for your iPhone
  4. FutureSplash Animator
  5. MacWorld 2013: January 31 – February 2
  6. Africa Digital Media Academy – Alex Lindsay's (PixelCorps) media school in Kigali, Rwanda
  7. Alamy Stock Photo Agency
  8. Alex Lindsay's PXC channel on YouTube
  9. Wide angle adapters for your iPhone
  10. Boom – audio for iPhone
  11. Mike Sweeney's ebook “How to Create Amazing iPhone Photographs” – just $3.39
  12. Nikon S9300 – compact camera with slow-motion feature mentioned by Dan Ablan
  13. RokForm iPhone cases
  14. Archives Magazine – mentioned by Alex as a source of inspiration
  15. Slideshow software options: Fotomagico, Animoto, Motion ($50!), Photodex, ProShow, ProSelect
  16. David H. Wells' offerings at Brooks Institute: Light, Shadow, Night, Twilight & Photo Essays
  17. Media Pro Software

Interview with David H. Wells

This week, Frederick teleconferences to Singapore and has a chat with photographer and educator David H. Wells. Enjoy! To learn more about David, please visit his site at, and check out his free offerings at Also, view his photo essay “Foreclosed Dreams.”


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