TWiP 835 – Is AI the new Microstock? Featuring Jake Hicks and Alastair Jolly

This week, Jake Hicks and Alastair Jolly join me, Frederick Van Johnson, to contemplate how generative AI may have the potential to revolutionize—or perhaps even dismantle—the traditional stock photography industry. Don't miss this engaging conversation where technology meets art.

About Jake Hicks

©Jake Hicks

Jake Hicks is an acclaimed photographer known for his distinctive approach to color and lighting in photography, which sets him apart in the industry. Specializing in portrait and fashion photography, Jake has carved a niche for himself by creating visually stunning images that combine vibrant colors with intricate lighting techniques. His work is characterized by its creativity, use of color gels, and the ability to transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary visual experiences.

Beyond his work behind the camera, Jake Hicks is also recognized for his educational contributions to the photography community. He conducts workshops and writes extensively, sharing his knowledge and skills with both aspiring and established photographers. He demystifies complex lighting setups and color theory through his tutorials and articles, making them accessible to a broader audience.

Jake Hicks Photography is not just about capturing images; it's about creating art that inspires and educates. Whether through his captivating photographic work or his commitment to teaching, Jake continues to influence and shape the landscape of contemporary photography.

About Alastair Jolly

©Alastiar Jolly

Alastair Jolly is a seasoned professional in the photography industry with over 20 years of experience. His career has primarily focused on social and commercial photography, yet he has consistently dedicated time to pursue personal projects fueled by his passion for creativity and imagery. AMJ Visuals is the platform where he showcases this personal work, revealing a diverse range of subjects that capture his creative impulses.

Jolly's artistic journey is characterized by his versatility and willingness to explore various photographic directions. He exhibits equal enthusiasm for capturing the serene beauty of long-exposure sea and cityscapes, the grandeur of vast landscapes, and the vibrant scenes encountered during city Photowalks.

In his current roles at SmugMug & Flickr, Jolly enjoys the unique privilege of traveling extensively and collaborating with some of the world's most talented photographers. Despite his busy schedule, he remains committed to finding moments for personal reflection and creativity, always ensuring that there is time for him and his camera to explore the world together.

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