Printing with Martin Bailey – ITL 06

Printing with Martin Bailey - ITL 06 Printing is a perceptual art based on solid science. Many photographers choose to let someone else print their work, but what are they missing out on, both in terms of ch...

Color Science with Ray Maxwell – ITL 03

Color Science with Ray Maxwell - ITL 03 Color science is difficult to wrap into an understandable conversation, and there isn't anyone better to help us get a handle on the peculiar nature of human vision ...

TheFIX 016: John Paul Caponigro on Printing and Proofing

John Paul Caponigro reflects on the value of making prints to your voice, approach, and legacy as a photographer. He shares his Photoshop techniques for making optimal prints from your photographs, walking you through soft-proofing in Photoshop and revealing surefire ways to fine-tune your photos to get the best prints possible.

TWiP 405 – The Paradox of Choice

Can avoiding gear can actually help your photography? Plus Nikon thinks your hot shoe needs sprucing up and are photographers sleepwalking into photography armageddon?

TWiP 311 – Formerly Known as Prints

Apple announces an updated photo App, along with some hardware refreshes at their World Wide Developers Conference. Plus the commoditization of selling prints. And an interview with Eye-Fi co-founder Ziv Gillat.
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TWiP #194 – In Living Color

This week on TWiP:  A new mobile photo sharing application raises $41 million dollars prior to launch, how printing often can save you time and headaches, Samsung taps Tessara for zoom technology without m...