The Importance of the Print

In this interview, I speak with the marketing manager at Epson America, Dano Steinhardt about the evolution of ink-jet printing and how Epson has put the power of exhibition class printing in the hands of everyone.

We cover:

  • Importance of printing
  • History of digital printing
  • What makes printing easier today
  • Editing tools
  • Epson’s printing solution

About Dano!

Dano Steinhardt, Marketing Manager, Epson USA

While known in the industry for his marketing roles, video production, and work in color science, many are unaware of Dano’s background as a photographer. Dano was fortunate to have studied under the legendary Warren King at Reseda High School in Los Angeles and was recognized for his photography when Scholastic Magazine awarded him the Grand Prize as the best high school photographer in North America. While still in high school Dano was assisting commercial photographers in Hollywood and that experience, combined with his work at Reseda, enabled him to graduate from Brooks Institute with honors at age 20.

Dano operated his own commercial photography studio in Chicago specializing in advertising photography for national clients. He then pursued opportunities on the business side of photography, first representing Kodak in the New York City Photo District then strategic marketing positions at Kodak’s headquarters, while also attending executive programs at leading business schools. In 2001 Dano joined Epson as its Professional Imaging Marketing Manager.

Drawing inspiration from many of the world’s best photographers with whom he has the honor to work with, Dano rediscovered his passion for photography. Taking the advice of his mentor Jay Maisel, “Carry the camera because it’s tough to take pictures without it” Dano carries his camera looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary Between Meetings™.