The Importance of the PRINT!

with Paul Hassell

Paul Hassell joins to discuss the renaissance of printing. We dive into some of the challenges and obstacles to creating prints, as well some ways to shift your brain into a “printing stage of mind”. Paul is the founder of AlivePhoto (this is an affiliate link).

An entrepreneur since the age of fifteen, a lover of solitude, and a loyal friend, Paul Hassell defies convention at every turn. Paul says he isn't strictly a photographer; rather he's in the light business.

He has been published in National Parks Magazine, Time-Life, Nature’s Best, National Wildlife, and National Geographic, however, sharing the experience that makes him come alive.

Dozens of the world's most talented outdoor photographers (think Nat Geo level) came together and Kickstarted ALIVE Photo in March 2015. The project was 150% funded to the tune of $50,389 making it the 30th highest funded photography project in Kickstarter history.

You can now access the very best teaching of top outdoor pros from the wilderness at any time. Discover more at