Lytro Illum

A year ago we reviewed the original Lytro camera. Doug didn’t think Lytro was really in the camera business, but rather into technology licensing. But that camera’s successor, the Illum, is much more like what we think of as a camera, albeit with radically new light-field technology.

TWiP 386 – What’s up with Nikon & Canon?

Dave Dugdale & Valérie Jardin join Frederick to discuss whether professional photographers are really leaving Nikon & Canon en masse or if it's all just media hype. Plus Amazon Prime members now get unlimited photo storage and Lytro offers up access to it's light field technology for $20K.
Lytro Camera

The Lytro Camera

The Lytro is the first commercially available light-field camera. There's been a lot of buzz (and even controversy) surrounding this revolutionary focus-later device, but it's not clear whether this is an important development or just a gimmick.

TWiP #237 – Bourne to Be Wild

This week on TWiP: Scott Bourne gets hands-on with a Lytro camera, a look back at some of the announcements coming out of CES, Adobe backtracks on their upgrade pricing for CS6, and a new online service lets photographers make money from photographing strangers.