TWiP 403 – Google+ Divides

This week on TWiP, Google+ announces it's splitting into Photos & Streams. Profoto announces a new off-camera flash system and Lytro switches focus to virtual reality and video.

Lytro Illum

A year ago we reviewed the original Lytro camera. Doug didn’t think Lytro was really in the camera business, but rather into technology licensing. But that camera’s successor, the Illum, is much more like what we think of as a camera, albeit with radically new light-field technology.

TWiP 386 – What’s up with Nikon & Canon?

Dave Dugdale & Valérie Jardin join Frederick to discuss whether professional photographers are really leaving Nikon & Canon en masse or if it's all just media hype. Plus Amazon Prime members now get unlimited photo storage and Lytro offers up access to it's light field technology for $20K.

TWiP 357 – The Visual Imagination

Flickr redesigns its' mobile app, Google brings Lytro-like functionality to Android phones, and Eyefi introduces a new cloud service. Plus a special interview with David duChemin of Craft & Vision fame.

The Lytro Camera

The Lytro is the first commercially available light-field camera. There's been a lot of buzz (and even controversy) surrounding this revolutionary focus-later device, but it's not clear whether this is an important development or just a gimmick.

TWiP #276 – The End of the DSLR

Do the Nikon D4 and D800 pass the 'BBC Test'? Photography and Apple one year after Steve Jobs' passing. Getty Images celebrates the half-millionth image in its Flickr collection. Plus an interview with Brian Diaz and Dean Johnson of Model Mayhem.

TWiP #274 – Lytro Goes Mainstream

This week on TWiP, Lytro enters the retail market, an update on Nokia's Lumia 920 Pureview, Adobe releases Elements 11 and Frederick sits down for an inspiring chat with Brooks Institute's Ralph Clevenger.

TWiP #264: Yahoo Googles a CEO

This week - CEO changes at Yahoo! and Lytro, Apple readies OSX Mountain Lion and a discussion about the new Google+ iPad app. Plus an interview with Dane Sanders!

TWiP #237 – Bourne to Be Wild

This week on TWiP: Scott Bourne gets hands-on with a Lytro camera, a look back at some of the announcements coming out of CES, Adobe backtracks on their upgrade pricing for CS6, and a new online service lets photographers make money from photographing strangers.

TWiP #224 – Canon, Olympus, & Lytro

This week on TWiP, Canon announces the EOS-1D X, Lytro announces the availability to pre-order its camera, and Olympus pulls a Yahoo and fires its CEO.

TWiP #214 – Fix It In Post

This week on TWiP: Are photographers becoming post-production artists, controlling your camera with an Android, and shooting kids in public places - is it legal and is it cool?

TWiP #207 – Final Cut, Google, and Lytro

On this episode of TWiP, is Apple's Final Cut Pro X ready for photographers? Tennessee outlaws emotionally distressing images. There's a new Lytro camera that lets you shoot first and focus later. And Google rolls out reverse image search.