Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Eric Cheng, Sara France and Dave Dugdale

Episode Overview

This week on TWiP:

  • Do the Nikon D4 and D800 pass the BBC test? (8:40)
  • Photography one year after Steve Jobs’ passing (30:15)
  • Getty Images celebrates half-millionth image in its Flickr collection (40:20)
  • And an interview with Model Mayhem’s Brian Diaz and Dean Johnson (47:30)

[box]TWiP Co-Host Dave Dugdale launches a new video training series for DSLR shooters![/box]

Listen in as Eric Cheng, Sara France and Dave Dugdale join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these topics and more on this week’s episode of TWiP.

[tabs style=”default”] [tab title=”Top Stories”]

1. The Nikon D4 and D800 do not pass the ‘BBC Test’

2. Photography one year after Steve Jobs’ passing

3. Getty Images’ Flickr collection hits half a million images


[tab title=”Picks of the Week”]

Eric: Quik Pod DSLR and POV Handheld Monopod. $35 retractable monopod with quick release and standard tripod screw on top (tilts up and down).
Sara: Shoot Dot Edit & Aperture: New Aperture features coming out soon.
Dave: Carl Zeiss Lens Cleaning Cloths and Cleaning Solution.
Frederick: Essential Web Marketing for Photographers course – www.essentialwebmarketing.com & Mediabytes.com


[tab title=”Other Links Mentioned”]

1. Lytro.com

2. Earthflight

3. GoPro.com

4. Eric Cheng’s “Screaming Turtle” photo

5. “Shark Diving French Polynesia!” & What it’s like to freedive under a whale shark

6. Dave Dugdale’s video about “How To Clean Your DSLR Camera Lenses”




Interview with Model Mayhem’s Brian Diaz and Dean Johnson

This week, Frederick speaks with Model Mayhem’s Brian Diaz and Dean Johnson. Get an inside look at what Model Mayhem is, who it caters to and how you can pursue shooting models while avoiding some common pitfalls. You can learn more about Brian and Dean – and their work at Model Mayhem – by visiting modelmayhem.com.


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