TWiP #274 – Lytro Goes Mainstream


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Steve Simon, Valerie Jardin and Martin Bailey

Episode Overview

  • Lytro enters the retail market (10:45)
  • An update on the Lumia 920 Pureview (20:30)
  • Adobe releases Elements 11 (28:15)
  • Photokina 2012 round-up (36:30)
  • Plus an interview with Ralph Clevenger (40:00)

*note: We mistakenly reported that the Windows version of the Lytro software was coming soon.  In fact, it has been around for several months.  Here's a link: Lytro for Windows.

Listen in as Steve Simon, Valerie Jardin and Martin Bailey join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these topics and lots more.  And be sure to check out Engadget's side-by-side comparison (below) of the Lumia 920 and the iPhone5 video capabilities.

The Pureview technology is almost unbelievable…


Interview with Ralph Clevenger

In this week's interview, Frederick sits down with Brooks Institute Professor Ralph Clevenger. Enjoy the conversation as they discuss Ralph's path to professional photographer and teacher and as Ralph touts the merits of a Brooks education.  To learn more about Ralph, please visit his website at or check out

Steve: Nikon 24-85mm VR 3.5-4.5 $600

Valerie: Picture Perfect Practice ~ A Self-Training Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Taking World-Class Photographs by Roberto Valenzuela

Martin: SHIFT + Option + brightness or volume keys for tiny adjustments on Mac

Frederick: Mixergy – Learn from entrepreneurs

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