TWiP 403 – Google+ Divides

On this episode of TWiP, Craig Colvin, Jan Kabili, and Alex Koloskov join Frederick to talk about Google's decision to break up Google+. Plus Profoto announces new TTL flash units and Lytro switches it's focus to virtual reality after receiving a new round of funding.

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Photography by Alex Koloskov

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  1. Great episode. I too am not expert on the science of light, however I do know the quality being spoken about concerning light output from more expensive lights is all about consistency between frames. If you shoot a catalog of thousands of photos and need that background white for every single one of them and need the color accuracy across the entire spread you will want to go with “better” more consistent lights. I have seen variance in my Einsteins between shots, especially when not in the color mode. Color temperatures also shift with the amount of light pushed through the head as well. More expensive units don’t suffer from this problem

  2. How to spell the name of the service ‘milo’ (?) they talk about in 39:18? I’ve been googling it but I can’t find it. Thanks!