Looping Content with Troy Plota – TWiP Talks 62

In this interview I sit down with the President of PlotaTech LLC, Troy Plota. Their first (and flagship) effort Plotagraph Pro is a revolutioary piece of software that enables creative professionals to add fluid movement to ordinary static images.

Plotagraph Pro – An Evolution of Motion Photography

Every now and again a new technology emerges that promises to change the way we think about something. These technological disruptions usually appear when a particular segment of the industry begins to show signs of aging.

TheFIX 046 Cinemagraphs & Beyond

In this project-based episode, host Seán Duggan shows how to create cinemagraphs in Photoshop CC, and then takes you beyond the basic cinemagraph. In addition to the video editing capabilities, this project uses core Photoshop features such as adjustment layers, layer masks, filters, and smart objects, to modify the image and video clips.