Looping Content with Troy Plota – TWiP Talks 62

troyplota-headshot-aIn this interview I sit down with the President of PlotaTech LLC, Troy Plota. Their first (and flagship) effort Plotagraph Pro is a revolutioary piece of software that enables creative professionals to add fluid movement to ordinary static images. You may recall that I interviewed Troy back in June before the launch of the software. You can check that interview out here.

This is not your dads old “cinemagraph” or “animatged GIF” tech, his is something entirely new. The software implements some very smart algorithims to seamlessly add motion to distinct areas of any still photograph. For example, say you took a stunning sunset over the ocean image in Hawaii a few years back. Wouldn’t it be great to have those waves actually move? Or how about a more abstract shot of buildings in a New York City scene, imagine having the bricks in those buildings come alive and start moving — ala Doctor Strange! This software enables all of that, and a ton more.

About Troy Plota

Troy Christopher Plota has shot for major Fashion and Advertising brands around the world. Troy has been on the forefront of Digital Photography since its inception, his passion for Photography started at the age of 13 and he is now a leader in the realm of Dynamic Content and the President of PlotaTech LLC. Troy currently lives in New York City.

A few example Plotagraphs from Trey Ratcliff

Want to learn how Trey made these images? Check out his free tutorial below the example Plotagraphs!

Learn how Trey made these incredible images