Your Itinerary 33: Charles Glatzer in the Wild

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Fine art wildlife photography.

Charles GlatzerCharles Glatzer is a wildlife photographer and workshop leader based in North Carolina. In person he is a no-nonsense guy who obviously has a firm grasp on the fundamentals of photography. His rapport with his students is founded on his years of teaching experience.

If you take a look at Charles’ work I think you’ll see that he is not just another wildlife photographer. His images demonstrate a grasp of light and composition that is usually reserved for fine art.

Chas is not satisfied with just capturing a sharp photo of an animal. He wants to show you the best possible representation of his subjects. Can you tell I’m a fan of his work?! On top of all that he’s a nice guy and I consider him a friend.

Be sure to visit Charles’ website to check out his images and workshops.

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