Your Itinerary 28: On the Road with David M Byrne

David M Byrne really gets around

David M Byrne PhotographyA lot of people travel and make pictures these days. Thanks to the internet we get to see more photos from around the world than ever before. These photos range from iPhone snapshots to compelling photographs that depict a place in a unique way. Many of David M Byrne's photos fall into the latter category.

David and I started our conversation on Twitter, which reminds me… If you would like to be a guest on the show to talk about your travels and photography please drop me a line on Twitter @youritinerary. You would be surprised how many guests I have met there. Now back to the post…

David is not a professional photographer or a full-time travel blogger. His blog at is an ever-expanding collection of stories and photos from his travels around the world. He travels because he LIKES it, and that is strangely refreshing. His blog is not designed for SEO or internet marketing. He didn't start it to fund his travels. He just like to travel and wants to share the stories and pictures.

As you'll hear in the interview, David didn't set out to be a travel photographer. His photography has improved through practice and his own research. As you can see from his images below he has a real knack for composition and storytelling. Notice how he includes people in so much of his work? That makes a big difference in many of his photos.

Be sure to check out David's links below and I hope you enjoy the interview! I found David to be a lot of fun to talk to. Don't be surprised if you hear him again on Your Itinerary.

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