Visual Momentum: Climate Change – Water to Dust with Mette Lampcov

In this interview, I sit down for an important chat about climate change. Mette Lampcov about her project Water to Dust. Mette is one photographer who has made it her mission to document some of the effects of global warming, and some of its side effects.

Some of the side effects of climate change discussed are the recent fires in California, safety when shooting, how Mette approaches situations where she's inexplicably unwanted, (because of the polarizing topic) and more. Mette shoots with Fujifilm cameras as well as Canon.

Mette has found a system and workflow that works for her while allowing her to tell some of the most important issues facing people who inhabit planet Earth.

This interview is part of a collaboration between Fujifilm, The Phoblographer and This Week in Photo called Visual Momentum. For the companion written article, head over to

Mette's Water to Dust project:

Mette at

The Phoblographer has posted a powerful article about Mette and her Water to Dust project. Be sure to check it out over at The site is an amazing resource for photographers of all types.

About Mette

Mette Lampcov is a freelance documentary photographer from Denmark and is currently based in the greater Los Angeles area.

Mette studied fine art in London, England and after moving to the United States 10 years ago, studied photography and journalism at UCLA. Her personal work includes projects about violence against women around the world and undocumented migrant workers in California. She is currently concentrating on a long term project about water and climate change in California; how climate change and water affects different socioeconomic groups and the landscape surrounding them.

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