TWiP 468 – Ghost in the Machine

TWiP 468: Ghost in the Machine

One of the main purposes of technology is to make our lives better, by taking over mundane tasks so that we can – theoretically – be more productive in other areas. Over the past several years we’ve seen advances in facial recognition and machine learning that have been steadily making inroads into consumer software. Apple added “Faces” to Apple Photos, Google added similar, albeit much deeper cloud-based photo recognition to its consumer photography product. But is all of this a pandora's box inside of a trojan horse?

In this episode, we discuss the good aspects of machine learning and photo recognition technologies. As well as the scary parts of having faceless servers analyzing, and potentially making behavior inferences based on the mountains of data gathered about our daily lives.

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One Comment

  1. Juan’s ignorance in the episode was astonishing regarding tracking phones. Google does track your phone but the user has to opt in to the service when setting up the phone. Apple does the exact same thing. Additionally, both companies allow you to opt out at any point but you mobile carrier, Verizon, AT&T, etc. all track your phone regardless of OS or manufaturor. Juan, keep to photography where you know what you are talking about.