TWiP 463 – Oh Baby I Like it RAW!

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TWiP 463 – Oh Baby I Like it RAW!

ON1 software is set to release the first new camera raw processor in over a decade, with the introduction of their new Photo RAW processor. But can this new software compete with the established Camera RAW workflow pioneered by Adobe? And do they really want to? And in conjunction with that conversation, we discuss the controversy over delivering raw files to clients. Is it a good move? One Australian photographer says NO!

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  1. That feature Don mentioned, brushing H/S/L, Aperture had been able todo since Aperture 3, and it’s been one of my issues with LR. That’s part of the reason why I use Capture 1.

    1. Thanks for feeling my pain, Ariel! It’s quite frustrating when I need to use a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer in Photoshop when I know it SHOULD be possible in LR. Adobe needs some solid competition en masse, let’s hope ON1 can pull more people away from the giant. 🙂

    2. You’re the first person that I hear mention that limitation besides myself.

      Joseph Linashke would know because Aperture (RIP) could do it. The only other competitor that does it with some limitations is Capture 1.

      I find the lack of HSL and Curve attached to brushes as an unnecessary TIFF round trip to photoshop at the expense of memory and time. Anyway, great show. I always enjoy when a dream team of hosts is present and I wasn’t disappointed in this episode. I’ll play around with On1

    3. I completely agree that I shouldn’t have to go to Photoshop for this, but that said my workflow often brings my to Photoshop for other reasons so I inevitably have to make the jump anyhow. I just wish more could be done before the jump!

  2. It was great to see Matt again. I always enjoyed his expertise on The Grid. Thanks for sharing.

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