TWiP 445 – Travel Hacks from Pro Photographers

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TWiP 445 – Travel Hacks from Pro Photographers

For most people, photographers especially, the end of the year is typically when we start traveling a little more. Weather it be for work, vacation or visiting loved ones for the holidays.

The one thing that remains consistent with most of the amazing photos you see from both amateur and professional photographers  is that in order to create amazing photographs, you will most certainly always need an amazing subject. And considering two of the fastest growing segments in the world of photography are Street Photography and Landscape photography… it follows that in order to get these shots you must travel to where they are.

Much like commercial fishermen, they don’t just sit on shore waiting on fish to swim to them. They motor to where the fish are. And in the case of the photographer, you have to travel to where the best shots are.

Professional photographers and other people who travel frequently typically have several “tricks” that they employ to make the trip easier, their luggage lighter, and to ensure they are as comfortable as possible, so they can focus on making great images.

In this episode, I sit down with Valerie Jardin and Shiv Verma — two veteran frequent fliers, to discuss a few of their best travel hacks. So, get a pen and paper ready to scratch out some notes, this episode is full of useful travel information targeted at the traveling photographer.

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Picks of the Week

Photomatix HDR Challenge

BoxShotPMP5_500I’m excited to let you know that I’m judging the fall Photomatix HDR Challenge. They’ve got two categories for you to submit into; Realistic HDR and Creative HDR. I’ll be sorting through the entries and picking the best of the best.

They’re giving away $500 Amazon Gift Cards to TWO first prize winners, along with the Photomatix Pro Plus bundle. And two 2nd prize winners get a $200 Amazon Gift card and Photomatix Pro.

Now because I’ve been traveling and out of the loop, I haven’t had a chance to announce this contest sooner. So I convinced them to extend the deadline for TWiP listeners! The original deadline was December 31st, but you (because you’re special) now have until January 5th, 2016 to submit up to three entries.

Just head over to, or the HDRsoft homepage, for rules and a quick entry form.

Good luck!

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  1. Hello, you missed the crucial part of Alex Lindsay’s “firearm method” for securing the luggage during air-travel. He uses non-lethal, worldwide accepted device that is classified as a firearm: a signal pistol. I think that even your guests would have a less skittish attitude toward this method if they knew this part of his strategy…
    On the side of “odd things in your carry-on that can detain you” during these suspicious times, in 2009 I decided to bring my complete film negatives collection from my country of origin to the USA.
    I definitely didn’t want any risk of losing them – so in carry on they went (I am amateur, I had a lot of negatives cut in 6 frame stripes, some in sleeves in binders some in sleeves in a shoe-box, but not a pro-lot…). At the originating airport no one cared… I transferred at Paris. At the security checkpoint they took them out and issue escalated higher-and-higher (I think that the final decision was made by the very head of CDG airport security…). Finally, after almost an hour of examination, they let me through.
    On the positive side, they actually held my flight for me…. Great for me, but I got a lot of “looks” when I finally boarded and plain departed…
    Everything best for you all in the New Year…

  2. Fredrick, what was the name of the video camera product you used on vacation?

    1. Hi Laryssa! Tune in to Street Focus and, when I get the time to put something together I will announce it there 🙂