TWiP 436 – Photo Plus and Refugee Camera Systems

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TWiP 436 – Photo Plus and Refugee Camera Systems

Fresh off of the heels of the yearly photography mecca — Photo Plus Expo, the panel and I discuss a few of the announcements that various photography companies made at the show. For deeper and more comprehensive coverage, check out some of the links in the show notes.

However, in true TWiP “rabbit hole” fashion, in this episode instead of diving into all of the incremental announcements from the various vendors, we instead explore the idea that the point-and-shoot camera is becoming more and more of a “refugee” form factor. Is this genre of camera system now without a home, or definable target market?

Also we discuss the declining prices of memory cards, this on the heels of Western Digital acquiring SanDisk for $19 billion US dollars.

And lastly we discuss some new announcements coming out of LensBaby. Which spurred discussion around in-camera effects versus post-processing.

It’s Monday October 26th, 2015 — and this is TWiP!

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  1. I should state from the start that I mad e a bit of an error in this episode: CFast cards are a new standard, but not the one supported by the Nikon D4 which uses the QXD card format. QXD cards use a PCI-Express interface whereas CFast cards use a SATA interface; Price and performance between the two are fairly equal at this stage. A few high-end video cameras use CFast cards at this time. 🙂

  2. Please! Please cover alternatives it the Adobe monopoly. Also include DAM. It is Lightroom’s DAM that keeps me with Adobe. I cannot find an affordable alternative to Lightroom.

    I would not be upset if this turned out to be a five+ hour show 🙂

    Thanks Monty