TWiP 423 – Learning Photography – Paper vs Pixels

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TWiP 423 – Learning Photography – Paper vs Pixels

The rapid pace of change in the photography industry has affected not only photographer’s hardware and software choices, but also the means by which we learn and perfect our craft. There are more ways to learn photography than ever before, which is great, but it can also be paralyzingly confusing. What’s the best way to learn this stuff, and how do you get “good”? And what pieces are missing from modern photography education?

Here to discuss how publishing for photographers has changed and whether modern photography education is failing its students is the author of Creative Visualization for Photographers – Rick Sammon and the editor-in-chief of Digital Photography School – Darlene Hildebrandt.

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  1. Like Frederick, I like audio books from Audible but as mentioned the format doesn’t work so well for how to books or other non-fiction works that often include images and tables, without which the text loses a fair bit. I recall only one occasion on which one of my Audible books came with a PDF download of the images but generally this isn’t the case. If it was, it would make the Audible route a better option than it currently is.

  2. I liked the discussion about learning, but I think you left out one important method. I just returned from a class at the Maine Media Workshops, my third. There are many other places offering classes with equally amazing instructors. The idea of the total immersion offered at their campus in Rockport, Maine, along with the many diverse classes at the same time, leads to a wonderful learning experience. You should consider taking a class and discussing it on TWIP.

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